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Digital Signal Processing, and Computer Systems and Software


A Few of My More Minor Webpages

  • Setting Up an OS X Mac with The Usual Suspects
  • Research

    • Old page on a DARPA-funded Passive Radar project from my UIUC days (no longer actively maintained, kept up for archival purposes)
    • Pattern Theoretic ATR Page (sponsored by AFOSR)

    Overall Interests: Statistical signal processing, Grenander’s pattern theory
    Applied Research: Radar systems, target tracking, image reconstruction, automatic target recognition
    Other Interests: Music synthesis, information theory, radio astronomy, crystallography

    Current Students

    • Jason Dixon
    • Ryan Palkki
    • John Wilcher
    • Michael Lee
    • Jeong Hwan Bang

    Former Students

    Previous Positions

    Education (Washington Univ. in St. Louis)

    Graduate: M.S. (May 1995) and D.Sc. (Aug. 1998) in Electrical Engineering
    Advisors: Profs. Michael Miller and Donald Snyder.

    I worked in the Electronic Systems and Signals Research Laboratory. My graduate work focused on applying Grenander’s pattern theory to automatic target recognition in infrared scenes. Most of this work was funded by the U.S. Army Center for Imaging Science.

    Undergraduate: Triple major in computer science, electrical engineering, and music (May 1993). As a music major, I focused on theory and composition.


    School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Mail Code 0250
    Atlanta, GA 30332
    Voice: 404-385-2548
    Fax: 404-894-8363
    E-mail: lanterma/at/ece/dot/gatech/dot/edu (remove slashes, change “at” and “dot” to appropriate punctuation – at this point it’s probably pointless for me to try fighting the spambots, but I might as well try!)

    Office: Van Leer W431 (I am not often there, so I do not recommend trying to “drop by” to find me; e-mail is the best way to reach me.)

    Assorted Activities and Fun Stuff

    • My wife and I sang in the Dekalb Choral Guild from Fall 2002 to Fall 2007.
    • Night Times was a St. Louis based music magazine which I was involved with for three years as a writer, photographer, typesetter, and eventually managing editor. The printed version I was involved with closed up shop in 1998, but founding editor Julia Gordon has brought it back in an on-line version.

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