Aaron Lanterman’s Home Page

Aaron Lanterman’s Home Page

Aaron D. Lanterman

Assistant Professor
School of Electrical
and Computer Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology



Radar Project


Likes & Links

I joined the Georgia Tech
faculty in August 2001. I am part of the
Center for Signal and Image
, and currently teaching two recitation sections of
ECE2025: Introduction to Signal
Processing. It is the introductory electrical engineering course here
at Tech; it is based on the text “DSP First.”

From August 1998 to July 2001, I was a postdoctoral research associate
and then visiting assistant professor in
the Coordinated Science Laboratory
at the University of Illinois at
I managed a large
DARPA-sponsored project,
involving the detection, tracking,
imaging, and identification an aircraft via reflected commercial television
and FM radio signals. The official homepage for the project,
and Optimization of Passive and Active
Imaging Radar
, contains all sorts of good stuff. In Fall 2000, I
taught UIUC’s graduate class ECE434: Random Processes.

In August 1998, I finished a Doctorate in
Electrical Engineering at
Washington University,
where I worked in the

Electronic Systems and Signals Research Laboratory
. A large portion
of my work was funded by the
U.S. Army Center for Imaging Science.
My advisors were Profs.
I. Miller
Donald L. Snyder.
I also completed a Masters in Electrical Engineering
in May 1995 and a triple major in
computer science,
electrical engineering,
and music in May 1993.
As a music major, I focused on theory and composition.

Work Home
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mail Code 0250
Atlanta, GA 30318

Voice: 404-385-2548
Fax: 404-894-8363

615 Rimington Lane
Decatur, GA 30030

Voice: 404-499-2191

E-mail: lanterma@ece.gatech.edu

Office: 334B GCATT

Overall Interests:
Statistical signal processing, Grenander’s pattern theory,
stochastic processes
Applied Research: Automatic target recognition for infrared
imaging and radar systems
Other Interests: Information theory, radio astronomy, computational

Previous Research Projects:

  • Automatic target recognition

    for forward-looking infrared sensors

  • Bayesian texture analysis
    via Gauss-Markov random fields

  • Astronomical imaging (compensation for CCD read-out
    noise and space-varying point spread)

  • Atmospheric wavefront simulation
  • Medical imaging (regularization methods for
    maximum-likelihood SPECT)

Other pages I maintain:

  • The Voodoo of CD Mastering
    the application of signal processing technology in preparing audio for
    mass distribution. With numerous archived discussions on mastering-related
    issues and links to many mastering facilities on the WWW, this page hopes
    to demystify this often-misunderstood field. (Unfortunately I haven’t had
    time to update it in a really, really long time.)

  • Kristeen
    is a musician original hailing
    from St. Louis but relocating to New York

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