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On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 2:28 PM, me t wrote:
>> > What are some uses for the buchla 296? Just curious. Thanks

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>> hm… make weird waterbug noises out of anything???
>> well ok… it is a fixed-freq resonator bank, 32 bands of don’s
>> peculiar psychoacoustic selection, each has its audio in/out, envelope
>> follower cv output and cv gate input, and there’s a couple bussing
>> options for dealing with all the outputs at once.
>> there is a sortof global resonance and a sortof emphasis function that
>> applies a moveable bellike shape to all the resonances.
>> so… it could be a spectrally selective envelope follower, you can
>> mult arbitrary cv outputs together to make an arbitrary spectral
>> profile whose presence in the input will trigger something, for
>> example. and then modulate the sensitivity or bias with the resonace
>> controls.
>> you can impose the amps of the odd bands to the even bands and
>> vice-versa, and there are switches to do this without patchcords…
>> you get a kindof caveman vocoder. you can impose the shape of the low
>> stuff onto the high stuff, or some other arbitrary general remapping.
>> you can listen to each band and change its gain. you can overdrive the
>> bands. you can feedback the overdriven bands into each others inputs
>> and use a different feedback network in the cv matrix and just go
>> generally nuts.
>> it doens’t make a lot of different sounds really, just many many
>> shapes of one really awesome sound… and the control stuff can be
>> very useful on its own…