Donation checks for the benefit of Georgia Tech should be made to the
“Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc.”, a 501(c)(3) corporation that receives
and manages privates gifts to the Institute.

Federal Tax Identification Number: 58-6043294

The memo field on the check should indicate that the gift is for Dr.
Lanterman’s research, and checks should be accompanied by a
letter stating the following:

“This is an unrestricted gift to the Georgia Tech Foundation to support Dr.
Lanterman’s ongoing synthesizer research in the School of Electrical and
Computer Engineering.”

The language there is important to make sure the donation goes to the right
place and that your donation is tax deductable.

Please send such checks/letters to me at this address:

Re: Synthesizer Research
Prof. Aaron Lanterman
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
777 Atlantic Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0250

Please include an e-mail address with your letter so I can send you a note
back letting you know I received it.

Your check
may not be cashed right away. The office that processes the donations does
not want to do process small checks one at a time; they prefer that I
let a few stack up, and then bring the stack over for them to process as a

Unfortunately, despite a lot of prodding on my part, there is no mechanism
by which you can make a targeted donation to GaTech via credit card or
paypal. There is a way that people can generically donate to GaTech via
credit card, but there’s no way in that structure to specify that funds
are for a particular faculty member.

I plan to put together a list of who has donated on the website as a way
of thanks. If you would prefer to remain anonomous, please let me know that
in your letter.