Early draft schematics

A distortion effects pedal based off of FETs,
and they’re working on torturing op-amps in various twisted ways. 😉

Take Rene’s MS-20 and give it
voltage controlled resonance via FETs
(shows just the modification)

Take Ray Wilson’s 4-pole lowpass
and make it highpass
, by following the pattern of the Polyfusion
lowpass and highpass filters. (This is a single-student project, instead
of one of the dual-student projects, so I suggested he do it without the
CV resonance and just put in a pot to keep the project simpler.)

Take the filter part of the Buchla LPG
design, cascade it with an equivalent HP, add some distortion in front
for general mayhem
. Aaron suggests
removing the Si halfwave distoring diode.

Take Rene’s MS-20 clone and use
some Waspish CMOS buffers instead of op amps.

(This requires some rearrangement
since the CMOS buffers are inverting.)