ECE4893A: Electronics for Music Synthesis (Spring 2008)

ECE4893A: Electronics for Music Synthesis (Spring 2008)

Aaron with synth class students
Instructor: Prof.
Aaron Lanterman
Office: Centergy 5212 (but I’m rarely there)
Phone: 404-385-2548
E-mail: (best
way to reach me)
Course website:

When and where: TuTh, 12:05-1:25, Van Leer C341

The photo: Xavier, Aaron, and Christine showing off Xavier+Christine’s
design for a voltage-controlled phaser (from Spring 2006)


(Note: I often abbreviate the class title as “EMS.” This usage of “EMS”
should not be confused with
“EMS” as in Electronic Music
, the makers of many classic synthesizers such as the Synthis.)

Aaron’s SDIY Pages


  • Grades will be based on a series of written homeworks, a quiz that
    will be weighted the same as a homework, and the quality of a final project.
  • Homework 1 (due Tues, Feb. 12)
  • Homework 2 (due Tues, Feb. 28)
  • Homework 3 (due Thurs, March 13)
  • Homework 4 (due Tues, April 8)


Dear readers from outside the class:
If you find these
lectures useful, please consider making a small donation (maybe $25 or
thereabouts, although any amount is appreciated)
to the Georgia Tech Foundation earmarked to go towards
my synthesizer research; the funds will go towards parts and equipment
for student projects.
are instructions on how to donate.