GPU 2014 — Homework #1

GPU 2014 — Homework #1

GPU Programming for Video Games

Summer 2014

Homework #0: Feel unified with Unity

Due: Tuesday, May 27 at 23:59:59 (via T-square)

Late policy: The homework will be graded out of 20 points. We will
accept late submissions up to Wednesday, May 28 at 23:59:59; however,
for every day that is it is overdue,
we will subtract 10 points from the total.

We understand thst sometimes multiple assignments hit at once, or other
life events intervene, and hence you have to make some tough choices. We’d
rather let you turn something in
late, with some points off, than have a “no late assignments
accepted at all”
policy, since the former encourages you to still do the assignment
and learn something from it, while the latter just grinds
down your soul. The
somewhat aggressive late penalty is not
intended to be harsh – it’s intended to
encourage you to get things in relatively on time (or just punt if you have
to and not leave it hanging over you all
semester) so that you can move on to
assignments for your other classes.

  • Download and install the latest
    free version of Unity.
    Don’t activate 30-day “pro” trial yet!!!

  • Download one of the


    (make sure it is “3-D” — the
    gameplay may essentially be 2-D,
    but some of the rendered assets must be 3-D models)
    available on the Unity Asset Store or elsewhere. Please use somthing other
    than the “Angry Bots” demo that comes with Unity.

  • Play around with it! Have fun!
  • Make some minor tweak to the game that changes the way something
    move an object from its usual location, or change its color, or change
    the lighitng, etc.

  • Take a screenshot illustrating your tweak.

Upload a brief description (a few sentences) of what gave you picked and
what change you made, and a screenshot demonstrating that change,
to T-square. Include “HW0” and as much as possible of your full
name in the filename of your screenshot.
(The upload procedure should
be reasonably self explanatory once you log in to T-square.)
Be sure to finish
sufficiently in advance of the deadline that you will be able to work around
any troubles T-square gives you to successfully submit before the deadline.
If you have trouble getting T-square to work, please e-mail your
compressed file to, with “GPU HW #0 submission”
and your
full name in the header line; please only use this e-mail submission as a
last resort if T-square isn’t working.

The midnight due date is intended to discourage people from pulling
all-nighters, which are not healthy.