Reasoning behind the pre-requisites for
GPU Programming for Video

The prerequisites
ensure familiarity with C,
assembly language-level concepts (registers, op codes, etc.), and object-oriented programming, as well as programming experience beyond the first-year introductory course sequences. They provide natural routes into the class for Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors ((ECE2036 or CS1372) and ECE2031), Computer Science (CS2110) majors, and Computational Media majors participating in the Media or Intelligence threads (CS2261). ECE3090 and ECE3035 are no longer offered; they are listed as legacy prerequisites to accommodate students who took those classes under the “old” ECE curriculum, which did not have ECE2036.

To remain accessible to ECE students, who are unlikely to have taken computer graphics courses offered by CoC, no background in computer graphics is required.