This is a quick & dirty page assembled by Aaron Lanterman which contains
cool stuff included on a CD-ROM from Paul Howland. Paul’s note and
the (slightly modified) text of his Readme file is below.

Paul’s note:

At long last please find attached an electronic copy of my
PhD thesis. Needless to say, with hindsight and my knowledge today there
are many things I would like to have done differently, but hopefully you
will find it of some interest.

All the best,

Paul’s readme file:

The work on height estimation in HF surface wave radars is not directly
relevant, but it used the same Mathematica code as that used for the TV radar
work & was included in an Appendix in the PhD thesis. I include it here for

Contact point for this work at DERA now is Dr David Bannister,


Paul Howland
NATO C3 Agency, March 2001

tel: +31-70-314-2476
fax: +31-70-314-2177