Kristeen Young – Press

Kristeen Young – Press

Kristeen Young – Press







by Matt Fernandes, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Friday, September 27, 1996

Kristeen Young is often categorized as a “gothic rock” musician. Don’t let
that discourage those of you who don’t wear black, though. Young’s operatic
vocals cross boundaries and capture raw emotions.

Young guided a Green Room crowd through many contrasting moods Friday night.
At times, she hushed the room with quivering high notes reminiscent of Joni
Mitchell only to unleash a melodic scream. She accomplished this within the
parameters of intriguing compositions and accomplished, neo-classical
piano playing.

Young’s explosive rhythm players were more equal partners than backing
musicians. Bold, fiery drum sequences and driving basslines blended with
Young’s dark, echoing keyboard to create a truly unique sound.

In the Hearts of Pre-Teen Girls, Alanis Reigns Supreme

Ellen Futterman, p. 19, Sept. 19, 1996

[When asked “who did you idolize,” Kristeen Young said]:

“My parents were extremely religious and wouldn’t let us listen to the radio
or anything. I also was adopted and didn’t know much about my background.
So every day at recess I would pick another nationality and act out the
music. One day I’d be from India and chant. Another day I would be from
Spain and do the flamenco. Then there was this girl at my church in a
Christian rock band and she was very emotive. Her name was Susie Fennell
and I idolized her.”

[When asked “who did you idolize,” Alex Luke, former
program director at the
105.7 The Point, said]:

“When I was really little little, like 9 or 10, it was like, ABBA. I
have every ABBA record ever made.”

Young Girl…

by Paul Hampel, from Get Out Magazine, October 12, 1995

Kristine Young has inked a deal with
World Domination Records,
a subsidiary of
London Records
founded by original Gang of Four member,
Dave Allen. “The label wants us to begin recording an album in the
beginning of 1996,” Young said. Young has been performing her over-the-top
mix of operatic vocals and goth-rock locally for several years, first as the
leader of Nov. 9th and
and lately as a solo act and leader of
a trio that goes by her name. “Since I’m more of a non-conventional
artist, we have to really plan how to present me. The label is strong
and has lots of backing. They’re planning on us playing in L.A. pretty
much of the time.” Allen promised Young lots of freedom. “I can record
anywhere I want. I can use any artwork I want and any producer I want.”

Pop on the Rocks

by Chris Dickinson, Get Out Magazine, September 21, 1995

Like all acquired taste artists, Young either drives you immediately from
the room or has you glued for the duration. Sort of a 90’s cross between
Kate Bush,
Lene Lovich, and
Klaus Nomi,
St. Louis
artist stands solo,
hammering big melodic washes out of her synth and wailing away like it was a
twisted night at the opera instead of a basement punk club. More than many of
the acts I see this weekend, Young has a vision. Granted, it’s a weird
vision, but Young earns points on several counts. She’s got one of those
classically trained voices that’s strangely over-the-top (one girl in the
back of
pipes up in a mocking falsetto during the set). She can
actually play her instrument. And compared to the legion of
nice-but-boring guy clones in seed caps that seem to dominate the fest,
Young makes quite the fashion statement in her leopard-skin pillbox hat
and vinyl boots.

Talking with Musician Kristine Young

from Get Out Magazine, September 21, 1995

Q: What’s the significance of feeding the animals in that photo?

A: None whatsoever. I just wanted a photo of me really dressed-up
feeding barn animals. I wanted one with a bison but couldn’t find a bison
farm that would let me on it.

Q: This is your third band in 3 years, right?

A: Right. First was Nov 9th, then came

Q: Now what are you doing?

A: I have this 3 piece band called Kristine Young. It has the
energy of Nov. 9th but some of the darker, emotional and prettier elements that
had. With this band one moment is delicate, the next more

Q: Aren’t you afraid people will think you’re an egomaniac for
calling the band by your own name?

A: I don’t know. I don’t care. They think I’m an egomaniac already.
In the past, I wrote all the material, did all the work, and there was always
this big problem. Now there’s no confusion as to whose material this is.
Maybe this time people will remember who I am.

Mississippi River Music Festival

from The Riverfront Times, September 1995

In her years on the St. Louis scene Kristine Young has never been one to jump
on whatever artistic bandwagon happens to pass by. From her days in
Nov. 9th and
to her recent solo efforts, Young has been
uncompromisingly unique in her musical vision. Come see her pound the
keys alone or with her new band in coming weeks.

Regional Music Showcase

from Spotlight Magazine, June 1995

Kristine Young’s memorable, inspiring vocals mix with her bold, sensual
lyrics to create some of the most meaningful, endearing music this side
of the Mississippi. After forming and leaving Nov. 9th and
her genuine talent for writing crafty, inventive and intense songs is
still intact as she continues to perform solo with only her keyboard. A
definite highlight!