The Voodoo of CD Mastering

The Voodoo of CD Mastering

The Voodoo of CD Mastering

Under construction. Usual caveats.

Archived discussions

Taken from the sonic, ddesign, and daw-mac mailing lists and
newsgroup and a few other places. I’ve generally edited out the bulky
headers and sigs. I will update these every once in a while. The latest
update is shown in parens. (Sorry the articles aren’t always in any particular

  • audio-from-cd.txt
    – converting audio on CD to soundfiles (9-6-95)

  • backup.txt
    – backing up large soundfiles (9-6-95)

  • canonical-jokes.txt
    – including Gabe Wiener’s list of engineering jokes

  • cd-art.txt
    – printing and silkscreening on CD-R’s (9-6-95)

  • cdr-drives.txt
    – CD-R hardware and software (9-6-95)

  • cdr-media.txt
    – CD-R media (including the yellow vs. green controversy)

  • compression.txt
    – use of compression in mastering (9-6-95)

  • connections.txt
    – interfacing digital audio equipment (9-6-95)

  • costs.txt
    – articles with specific price info (9-6-95)

  • dithering.txt
    – techniques for reducing quantization distortion (9-6-95)

  • duplication.txt
    – replication plants and procedures (9-6-95)

  • equalization.txt
    – use of equalization in mastering (9-6-95)

  • hard-drives.txt
    – trials and tribulations of hard drives for digital audio (9-6-95)

  • mailing-lists.txt
    – info on mastering-related (sometimes vaguely)
    mailing lists (9-6-95)

  • mastering-adv.txt
    – advice on “problem solving” in mastering (see also
    equalization.txt, compression.txt, normalization.txt, and stereo-image.txt) (9-6-95)

  • mastering-importance.txt
    – colorful exchanges on the importance and role of
    the mastering engineer (9-6-95)

  • monitors.txt
    – on studio monitors (9-6-95)

  • noise-be-gone.txt
    – tools and tips for dehissing, declicking, decrackling,
    etc. (9-6-95)

  • normalization.txt
    – to normalize or not to normalize (and issues related
    to matching apparent volumes) (9-6-95)

  • recommendations.txt
    – every once in a while, somebody asks for names and
    numbers of good mastering engineers… here’s the nets collected two cents

  • redbook.txt
    – CD format standards, error correction, hidden tracks, etc.

  • stereo-image.txt
    – improving the stereo image during mastering (9-6-95)

Mastering houses (restoration, editing, etc.)

(some of these folks do much more than mastering)

Duplication facilities

Software and hardware


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