Measure and Integration

Measure and Integration

Measure and Integration

Another page of zero measure in the sigma-algebra of the internet

In case a search engine finds this, let me put in some keywords:
measure theory, integration, functional analysis, function spaces,
monotone convergence theorem, dual spaces,
Lebesgue, Radon Nikodym, Hahn Banach, Hilbert,
Fubini, Tonelli, Minkowski inequality, Vitali covering,
Cauchy inequality and some other dead people.

Here are the notes (first draft)
from Guido Weiss’ Fall 95 introductory class on measure,
integration, and functional analysis (Math 451). Latex’ed by
Aaron Lanterman, some from his own notes, with a greal deal of
taken from the well-written (and fleshed out) notes of Jade Vinson and
Navin Khaneja.

Your mission: download these notes. Read them. Make comments and find
errors, and e-mail them to the address below.

(Anyone have any good measure theory jokes?)

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