Music Synthesis Patents

Music Synthesis Patents

Music Synthesis Patents Collection

This a collection of patents related to music synthesis (and occasionally
processing and other things).
It is obviously not meant to be exhaustive; it just contains
patents I found interesting for one reason or another at a time I was
through patents.
The first patents I added here were manually combined into a single PDF file
from the single-page TIFFs from the U.S. Patent site. I’ve since discovered

Voltage Controlled Filters

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers

  • Blackmer, Multiplier Circuits
    the classic exponential-control “Blackmer” cell, used in THAT (aka DBX) chips

  • Excellent EDN article on
    Gain Control, which contains a much
    clearer description of how the Blackmer cell works

Voltage Controlled Oscillators

General Variable Impedance Circuits

These are interesting. I wonder if any of these designs were made into
voltage-controlled impedance ICs? If so, they would make the process of
turning a fixed filter into a VCF pretty easy.

Chorus Effects


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