Passive/Active Radar: Links to Other Resources

Passive/Active Radar: Links to Other Resources

Passive/Active Radar: Links to Other Resources





Project Only


ATR Theory

Passive and/or Low-Frequency Radar

  • Story on ABC news website
    (also appeared on “World News Tonight”) –
    interesting and well-written, although somewhat sensationalized

  • The

    Manastash Ridge Radar
    at the Univ. of Washington
    uses commercial FM radio broadcasts. It is part of
    John Sahr’s

    Radar Remote
    Sensing Laboratory

  • The French organization
    appears to be investigating
    passive radar. One particular sentence caught my eye: “Experiments
    were carried out on
    digital TV transmitters, which improve position-detection performance.”

  • A company called

    seems to be working on passive radar (their systems
    appears to be very much like Silent Sentry – unfortunately, few details are
    available on the Avtec website beyond some pretty pictures)

  • FGAN
    , the German Research Institute for High Frequency Physics and
    Radar Techniques,
    also seems to be working on passive radar, but again, there’s not many

  • Meteor
    shower observations at VHF frequencies
    (added 8/6/00)

Computational Electromagnetics

  • Electromagnetic Code Consortium
  • Code used in
    conjuction with the text Computational Methods for Electromagnetics

  • An <A HREF=""extensive
    bibliography on Fast Multipole Methods

CAD Modeling Technology

CAD Models

General Radar


Bistatic Radar

Television & Radio

Aircraft Designs

  • McDonnell-Douglas A-12 Avenger II – A remarkable looking aircraft which,
    alas, never flew. It’s a fascinating stealth design.
    The A-12 program cut by Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney (now President
    of the U.S.) in the largest
    program termination in
    the history of the DOD. Many lawsuits followed on all sides. Turned out
    to be a very messy affair…

  • Dassault Falcon Aircraft
  • Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
  • Northrop B-2

    • B-2 page
      at American Fighters and Bombers page

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