Current Modular Synth Manufacturers

Current Modular Synth Manufacturers

Current Modular Synth Manufacturers

  • Boards Only
    • Catgirl Synth
      Ken Stone is widely respected for both his designs
      and his quality of service. Site has a lot of useful SDIY info.
      (Note that some separate companies, namely
      Elby Designs and
      provide kits and fully built modules, respectively).

    • Music from Outer Space
      – Ray Wilson offers boards for his famous Sound Lab Mini-Synth, as well
      as tasty VCA, ADSR, and VCO designs
  • Kits or Fully Assembled
    • Synthesis
      – home of the Moog-look-inspired
      MOTM line (known to have the highest build quality of all the kits – but
      also the most expensive)

    • Blacet Research – John Blacet’s
      fascinating designs in fracrack format

    • PAiA – economical designs, including
      the MIDI-controlled Fatman and the 9700 series modular (fracrack format),
      which packs lot of functions in each module
  • Fully Assembled Only
    • Verbos Electronics
      Mark Verbos, keeper of the Buchla
      blog, made a name for
      himself repairing Buchla modules. Now he’s making modules of his own design.

    • Analogue
      – British company

    • Buchla and Associates – home of
      the Buchla 200e, an amazing modular synth with patch memory that
      can cost as much as a new car – let the gear lust begin!

    • C.M.S.
      Phil Cirocco’s
      appears to be made with discrete transistors –
      i.e. you can buy an op amp made with discrete transistors from them, which
      they use in some of their modules. The price, as you might expect, is
      out of this world. The front panel graphics are gorgeous.
      Company also does a lot of servicing of old ARPs.

    • Cyndustries
      Cynthia Webster’s
      mpdules, along with cables, cases, back issues of Synapse online, and
      other goodies

    • Doepfer – German company (eurorack
      format) – probably the largest variety of modules

    • Modcan Synthesizers
      many modules with either banana or 1/4″ jacks

    • The
      Unofficial Serge Synthesizer Web Site
      is actually
      the best source of info on these beasts.

    • – one of
      the most economically feasible
      of the fully assembled module manufacturers. Invokes the “classic Moog modular”

    • The Wiard Synthesizer Company
      Grant Richter’s weird, wild, and wonderful designs (in fracrack format). Nothing
      else quite like them in modularland.

Who uses what kinds of connectors?

  • Banana: Modcan Series A, Cyndustries, Serge
  • 1/8″: Blacet, PAiA, Wiard, Doepfer
  • 1/4″: MOTM, Modcan Series B
  • Banana for control, 1/8″ for audio: Buchla