Synergy/Slave 32 Software

Synergy/Slave 32 Software

Synergy/Slave 32 Software

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CP/M Emulators

  • Joan Riff’s Z80MU version 5.2b
    (Z80MU52B.ZIP): Joel Chamberlain got this to
    talk to his Synergy using Windows 98, although he says it works better under
    MS-DOS 7. It will at least start up under Windows XP,
    but I can’t say anything more
    than that. This is shareware, but it’s an old program, so I don’t know how
    current the address given in the software is. If you do start using it
    regularly to talk to your Synergy, you should hunt down the author and pay
    the shareware fee. I would get confirmation about the author’s current
    whereabouts first though, since it is a rather old program…

PC ZIP Files

Here’s some *.zip files that Mark Glinsky kindly provided.

  • Some documentation files.
    They’re ASCII, but there’s strange control characters that make them look
    weird. Dave Manley e-mailed me to say that this is because some of the
    characters have their most significant bit set, and clearing the MSB clears
    up the problem. He offered the following perl script to do that (thanks

    while () {
    $clean = $_ & "177" x length($_);
    print $clean;

  • Voice data for Carlos 1-4,
    L1-13, and VCARTS 1-6. They’re here in *.crt files, which correspond to
    what appears in, but they’re also here as *.bin and *.hex
    files. I noticed the *.crt files are all of varying length, but the *.bin files
    and the *.hex length are all of consistent length, so I suspect they’re
    for burning to EPROMS? (???)

  • Some voice data. These are
    *.crt files, but they seem to have names of particular instruments,
    like Piano1.crt, Clavnet2.crt. I’m not really sure what’s here. There’s
    also a Nasty1.crt, how curious…

  • MuLib, a MS-DOS program for
    reading and loading Synergy and Slave 32 voice data. Unfortunately, this
    program has no editing features; for that you need SYNHCS. It looks like
    MuLogix was going to make some editing software for the PC, but they went
    bust before they could do that. Note the program is quite old, it may be
    difficult to run on a modern PC. Also note that like SYNCHS,
    this program talks to
    the Synergy over RS-232, not MIDI.

  • Z-80 assembly files for the voice
    editing software called
    SYNHCS (Synergy Host Control Software). It runs on a Kaypro CP/M machine.
    The compiled .com files are here too (there’s and,
    but I’m not sure how to get them over into Kaypro disk format. You might
    be able to run them on some sort of CP/M emulation software.

  • The internal synergy operating
    system. A whole bunch of *.z80 assembly files, along with an assembler
    and linker, but who knows what they run on.

  • Voice data, both as
    individual voices (*.vce format) and cartridges (*.crt), along with
    documentation (*.doc, which predates MS Word – these are just text files).
    Includes the Internal voices, VCARTS 1-6, and Carlos 1-4. I think the .crt
    files correspond to the files in the file, and in fact, running
    a unix ‘diff’ on a few files indicates that is the case. This archive is
    interesting in that it has the voices also broken out as individual voice

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